A film by Christophe Loizillon – 20 mn – 2003


Nine perfectly silent faces come one after another in fixed shots. These faces do not speak. Yet they think – and think about their lives. Can one manage to grasp the stream of their thoughts while filming them?


Production : Les films du rat, France Télévisions, CNC / Cosip

Cast : Marino Vagliano, Ula Tabari, Moussa Ouane, Inès Loizillon, Maurice Loizillon, Cheliyan Poopaalasinlham, Nathalie Richard, Thierry Derocles, Antonia Serrano

Scenario : Christophe Loizillon / Photography : Caroline Champetier / Sound : Patrick Genet, Jean Marc Schick / Editing : Benoît Alavoine

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FACES in French with English subtitles (or English version) on Vimeo (private, please send us a message to get the password)