A film by Christophe Loizillon – 20 mn – 1999

Still frames

Photogramme - Feet


On July 21 1969, the director watched the first man lay foot on the moon. He dreamt of being able to go to the moon in the year 2000.
In 1999, unable to fulfil his dream, he decided to seek several strangers across our planet, in Mali, Japan, Palestine and France.
Only filming their feet, he gathered the stories of which they tell. A man mentions the flawless ability his feet have of guiding him, another describes the happiness which overcomes her when "she stands on the skull of the Earth."


Production : Les films du rat, Agat films, France Télévisions, CNC

Cast : Bella Diallo, Kebi Hase, Kumagai Tsuyoshi, Yoshito Ohno, Soubhi Zobaidi, Manar Zoabi, Gisèle Breteau

Scenario : Christophe Loizillon / Photography : Christophe Loizillon / Sound : Christophe Loizillon / Editing : Mathieu Blanc

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