François Morellet

A film by Christophe Loizillon – 26 mn – 1990


“François Morellet has been working for over 35 years with straight and geometrical lines crossing each other over canvases, ‘museal’ spaces, on buildings, in the countryside or in the city. To direct a film ‘with’ an artist consists in organising an encounter between the artist and filmmaking. That is to say, to create a process where the artist can think of his work through film, and where the filmmaker can think of the film with the artist. This was how Christophe Loizillon decided to ask François Morellet to create original artworks for the film. François Morellet goes to the museum. For a moment, he stares at a painting from the series Trames, replaces the plate by the following ‘Ombre de moi-même’ (my own shadow) and then carries the painting away under his arm, only leaving his shadow on the wall! Thus does the artist dance through projects. Through the fiction of days which pass through work alone, Christophe Loizillon follows every step (drawings, studies, models and realisations) of the projects ‘Géométires’, ‘Angle’, ‘Naufrage de Malevitch’… With a great didactic efficiency furthered by the absence of any commentary, he allows the viewer to grasp the exact nature of François Morellet’s work. It is not, as one might thing, an abstract, geometric or cold questioning. It actually lies in a reverie of the right-angled corner, with a zing.
(S. H. – Excerpt from the catalogue Arts plastiques et beaux-arts, Arcanal, 1993).


Production : Les Productions Lazennec, La Sept

Scenario : Christophe Loizillon, Luigi de Angelis / Photography : Jean-Jacques Bouhon, Stéphane Cami, Nathalie Chassang, Jean-Noël Ferragut, Marc Salomon, Didier Maigret / Sound : François Waledisch, Pascal Despres / Editing : Francine Sandberg

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