My camera and me

A film by Christophe Loizillon – 85 mn – 2002



Max is obsessed with two things: filming God and girls. The first camera he ever had ended up being drowned, at the age of six, during an attempt at filming a girl’s “weewee”. The second one was stolen from a couple of Japanese tourists. With the third one, he woos the sales lady who eventually agrees to take her clothes off. The fourth helps him to make a living.
Yet, very soon, he falls in love with Lucie, a young blind girl whom he keeps filming… until the day when, understanding that the blind are definitely more gifted than the sighted, she decides to cheat on him…


Production : La Mouche du Coche

Coproduction : Les Films du rat, Macadam Films

Cast : Zinedine Soualem, Julie Gayet, Isabelle Grare, Richard Cécile, Julien Collet

Scenario : Christophe Loizillon et Santiago Amigorena / Photography : Aurélien Devaux / Sound : Patrick Genet, Griette Xavier et Olivier Grandjean / Editing : Sarah Turoche / Music : Laurent Martin


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