Rak's silence

A film by Christophe Loizillon – 74 mn – 1997


After having been laid off, Rak discovers that the word “travail” (work), stems from the Latin tripalium, an instrument of torture. Rak is unable to stay still, so he decides to create his own work. A swift robbery at Monsieur Albert’s and he is left with a craftily found capital; he is now a company owner and a head of human resource seeking enthusiastic business partners. Rak sets his office in the neighbourhood’s coffee place and meets future candidates to sell a musical encyclopaedia… which does not exist.


Cast : Simon Abkarian, Roland Amstutz, Pierre Baillot, Jackie Berroyer, Marcel Bozonnet, François Cluzet, Elina Lowensohn, Alain Ollivier, Frédéric Pellegeay, Brigitte Rouan, Zinedine Soualem

Scenario : Santiago Amigorena et Christophe Loizillon / Photography : Renato Berta / Sound : Michel Vionnet / Editing : Jennifer Augé / Music : Martin Meissonnier et Isabelle Surel


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