A film by Christophe Loizillon – 26 mn – 2009


Still frames

Photogramme - Corpus/Corpus
Photogramme - Corpus/Corpus


A body takes care of another body.
Corpus/Corpus is the first part of a trilogy consisting in three short films. It is followed by Homo/Animal and Homo/Vegetal.
This trilogy explores the bonds which humans tie with the other forms of life whether they be animal or vegetal. Man’s awareness as a living being among living beings is thinning down. Little by little, we have stopped to view animals as plants as actually living.


Cast : Elina Lowensohn, Emilie Gavois-Kahn, Laurence Petit Jouvet, Isabelle Bry Bernard, Marcel Laurence, Jean Christophe Bonnin, Esteban Ribeiro, Frederic Kontogom, Guillaume Rotté, Benjamin Peuziat, David Vandromme, Vincent Martinot

Scenario : Christophe Loizillon / Photography : Aurélien Devaux / Sound : Patrick Genet, Jean-Marc Schick / Editing : Sarah Turoche, Jean-Marc Schick

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Master’s dissertation : Camille Christmann, une attention au vivant (drawing attention to the living)

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